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    Default Minecraft or terraria?

    Does anybody play if so let me know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13camtheman View Post
    Does anybody play if so let me know?
    I've watched my friend play the second one. I like it more than minecraft, only cause of the way minecraft looks.

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    I play minecraft, its one of the better things to do in class

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    I've played both, although let me tell you about the horror story I came across with minecraft, and why I'll never play it again. I've been playing since Alpha, or about a year and a half. When we purchased alpha way back in the day, we were told that we would be able to play this game for life, and have all extensions for free, since we showed up so early. Well, one day I go to log on to my minecraft account and it says my username doesn't exist. Long story short, for some random reason after one of the updates, my username and password were deleted off the minecraft servers (as long with a lot of other people who played alpha) and they have never responded to my multiple e-mails I've sent to their support team. So yeah, I'm done with minecraft and I don't recommend anyone play it.

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    I've had Minecraft since the Alpha stage and have had zero issues with it. It just gets boring after a while of playing. Never played Terraria.



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